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Exceeded every one of my expectations

They fought for me like it was life or death for them. I was shocked at how hard they fought and how hard they worked to get the results we wanted. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.

D.P. March 2014

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Exceeded every one of my expectations

If you have suffered an injury, we can help you today! Our firm is dedicated to fighting for your legal rights and making sure justice prevails. Every second counts when your injured. Contact us now for a free consultation and case evaluation with our experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Gainesville Fl.

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Personal Injury Attorneys in Gainesville Fl

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We are here for accident victims looking for the best Personal Injury Attorneys in Gainesville Florida

If you have been injured by the negligence it is important to hire a personal injury attorney that will help you receive fair compensation for your injuries. We believe it is the only fair for those responisble for your loss to be held accountable and help you get your life back on track. Hiring a personal injury attorney will help level the playing field against the individual or company that is resisting the obligation to provide fair compensation.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Gainesville Fl

One of Florida's Best Personal Injury Law Firms

Warner, Sechrest and Butts, P.A. is a personal injury law firm with offices located in Gainesville, Florida. The attorneys within our firm practice several areas of law including: personal injury, construction law, real estate law, medical malpractice, business law, and home owner association law and condominium association law. We are a top rated law firm with several Personal Injury Attorneys in Gainesville Fl. We represent clients in all counties of Florida. Our Gainesville Injury Attorneys have been successful in resolving hundreds of disputes. Many disputes are resolved without the need for trial, but when settlement is not an option, our attorneys are experienced and prepared for trial. Our trial attorneys have practiced before state and federal Courts, U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, The United States Court of Federal Claims, and in a variety of arbitration and mediation forums.

Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal commitment from our Personal Injury Attorneys are the foundation of our practice. If you are interested in possible litigation or have been the victim of negligence you need representation that has the knowledge and experience necessary to pursue compensation that will adequately cover any lost wages, medical bills or any other losses you have suffered due to the carelessness of others. Your first step toward claiming compensation for the recklessness of others and make those responsible accountable is by having your case evaluated by our dedicated team. Our practice has over 40 years of experience representing those who have been injured and have represented a wide variety of personal injury cases.

Personal Injury Claims - Know Your Right to Compensation

One of the most critical steps after any type of injury is to discuss your case with an attorney that can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your case and that can determine if you have the grounds for a personal injury claim. Our personal injury attorneys have the experience to stand up to the largest insurance companies and corporations and are powerful advocates for those who have been injured through no fault of their own.

Advantages to Working With Personal Injury Attorneys in Gainesville Fl

Many do not realize they need the services of a personal injury attorney or the numerous benefits of having the personal attention of a legal team. Our Gainesville attorneys know how to identify all those who may be responsible for your injuries and can help determine all parties that are financially liable. Securing a fair settlement often comes down to having an attorney who will not only give you the personal attention you deserve but will be an advocate for justice and can assemble a solid case that will both provide compensation for current expenses but also for those expenses that may arise in the future.

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Every year preventable mishaps occur in hospitals, private practices and other healthcare facilities. These mishaps cause the injuries and even deaths of thousands of people across the United States. Any mistake relating to your health can have drastic life-altering changes that could leave you will ongoing medical bills, and can result in unforeseeable complications in the future. Our personal injury attorneys have the skills, and knowledge needed to handle any medical malpractice suit and ensure those deemed liable for your injuries compensate you for your injuries.

Construction Law & Litigation

Our experienced legal team has handled complex construction litigation that ranges from performance, and termination of contracts to defects in construction. Residential and commercial construction disputes require an attorney that has ample knowledge and experience dealing with insurance companies, owners, builders, developers, contractors, architects and manufactures.

Business and Contract Litigation

Today's business environment is not so cut and dry and the outcome of a contract dispute can severely impact the survival of your company. Our attorneys regularly handle and successfully litigate numerous contract disputes involving manufacturing, construction, services, disputes, employment matters, shareholder issues and other issues relating to business and respective obligation disputes.

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