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Personal Injury Attorneys in Gainesville, FL

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Personal Injury Attorneys in Gainesville Fl

A Gainesville Personal Injury Firm of Distinction

Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, a premier Gainesville, Florida law firm representing personal injury victims in all manner of accidents occurring across the state.  Founded by distinguished attorneys Marc Warner, Michael Sechrest, and Robert Butts, the law firm of Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. is committed to championing the cause of injured accident victims.

The Experience You Need

The attorneys at Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. offer 40 years of combined experience representing personal injury victims across the state.  Our attorneys are the recipients of numerous accolades and have practiced before state and federal courts.  Our extensive experience and dedication to assisting our clients has earned us the reputation as one of the best personal injury law firms in Florida.  

Championing Victim’s Rights

Each of the attorneys at Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. are driven by an unyielding passion to see our clients recover fully from their injuries sustained at the hands of another.  We understand the heartache that can stem from unpaid medical bills, time off work, and long-term disability.  We have seen firsthand the difference that a zealous advocate can make in a client’s full recovery.  As such, the attorneys at Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. will strive continuously to effectively fight for our client’s best interests.  Our diligence has achieved positive results for hundreds of clients, and we wish to offer the same excellence of legal services to you.

Your Gainesville Personal Injury Attorney for Automobile Accidents, Truck Accidents, Brain Injury, Slip and Falls, and More

At Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A., we represent clients injured in all manner of accidents that can be attributed to the negligent actions of another.  Our experience extends to the following accidents and beyond:

No case is too complex for the veteran attorneys at Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A.  Our team of personal injury attorneys offer years of litigation experience and unmatched trial advocacy skills.  We will skillfully handle any accident case with the utmost of professionalism and zeal.

Tackling Complex Medical Malpractice Cases

Hospitals are intended to be places of healing, where you go when you are hurt or sick and need the aid of highly trained physician professionals.  However, every year close to 100,000 Americans die as a result of avoidable medical mistakes.  Many more contract serious illnesses or are injured due to medical negligence.  Most doctors and other medical professionals are caring, compassionate individuals who work hard to help their patients.  However, medical mistakes usually have devastating consequences and there is no victim more innocent than a patient who has come to a doctor looking for aid.

The medical malpractice attorneys at Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. do not believe any patient should have to suffer as a result of a medical professional’s mistake.  We use our decades of experience in the field of personal injury law to investigate your medical malpractice case and pursue justice for your injuries.

Medical malpractice is a complex area of the law.  There are a wide range of potential medical malpractice cases, including:

  • Surgical errors
  • Medication errors
  • Birth injuries
  • Medical malpractice in nursing homes
  • Cosmetic surgery malpractice
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Psychiatric malpractice
  • Doctor negligence 

Negligence is the root cause of most forms of medical malpractice, but it can be hard to prove the negligence of a medical professional.  Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys will prove essential in successfully litigating your medical malpractice claim.  One of the most crucial qualities of a medical malpractice attorney is having a firm understanding of medicine and being able to decipher often convoluted medical documents.  The personal injury attorneys at Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. are well versed in both the medical and legal arena, enabling us to present your case in the strongest possible manner.

We begin by investigating the incident to determine fault.  We will arrange expert medical testimony to illustrate where the medical professional acted negligently during your treatment.  Our attorney team will handle the insurance company so that you do not have to, crafting your compelling case.

Victims of medical malpractice could be entitled to receive: medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and more.  Contact Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. to schedule your free case analysis.  

Handling the Insurer So You Don’t Have To

We understand that following an accident, injury victims are often overcome by pain and stress. Handling phone calls from the insurance company while you are distraught and injured makes the situation far less manageable.  Further, the information you provide at this early stage can greatly impact your later recovery.

At Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A., we deal with the insurer so you don’t have to.  Our law firm has years of experience in the art of successfully negotiating an optimal settlement with the insurer, if this is the route you wish to take.  We will ensure your rights are fully protected from the sometimes overreaching insurer, allowing you to get back to what matters most—your full recovery.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Some accident victims, particularly those involved in automobile accidents, believe they can handle their injury or loss of property claim without the assistance of a qualified personal injury attorney.  These individuals often end up quickly confused and frustrated by the insurance claims process, and most end up settling for far less than their case could have been worth.  These accident victims will experience the heartache of uncovered medical expenses, lost wages, and ongoing disability.

The following is a list of a few reasons why accident victims, including victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, require the assistance of a knowledgeable Gainesville personal injury lawyer:


  • The insurance company does not have your best interests in mind—insurers have the sole goal of providing you with as little compensation as possible.  Initial settlement offers will be for far less than your claim in worth, and are often made before the full extent of your injuries or losses is even evident.  A skilled attorney will advocate on your behalf and zealously protect your best interests when no one else is.
  • You may not fully understand all of your potential damages—accident victims, whether it be car, truck and motorcycle or slip and falls and medical malpractice, may be entitled to a wide variety of potential damages.  These include: current and future medical expenses (prescription drug costs and mileage reimbursement may be sought as well), lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, mental anguish, and loss of consortium.  Family members of deceased loved ones can pursue a host of damages through a wrongful death action.  An experienced personal injury attorney will thoroughly examine all of your losses to explore and pursue all potential avenues for recovery.
  • Proving liability can be complex—even with favorable police reports or witness accounts, proving another individual, whether it be a driver, property owner, or doctor, acted negligently can be difficult.  There are numerous elements involved in winning a successful personal injury suit and your best chance of victory is through the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney with extensive knowledge of Florida statutes and cases.


You Pay Nothing Unless We Recover

The law firm of Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. operates on a contingency fee basis.  We give you the opportunity to work with the seasoned, professional Gainesville personal injury attorneys at Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. with no cost to you unless we are successful in recovering a settlement or judgment on your behalf.  

At Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A., we will work tirelessly towards achieving your full recovery.  You will never be treated as just another number at our law firm.  We offer personalized service with tailor-made solutions best suited to your individual case.  Our dedication to client satisfaction and success lies at the core of our philosophy of working on a contingency fee basis.  By using this model for our firm, we can focus on what matters most—our clients.  We are not focused on our own earnings, but on helping you during your time of need.  If you secure our representation, you can rest assured you will be given the compassionate support and advocacy you deserve.

Fighting for Your Maximum Recovery

Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. helps accident victims obtain a recovery for their injuries and damages sustained due to the negligent acts of another.  Florida accident victims may be able to receive compensation for their: medical expenses, both current and future, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and more.  The personal injury attorneys at Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. will carefully examine the facts of your accident, identifying all potentially liable parties and seeking recovery for all possible damages.

Do Not Delay in Obtaining Legal Guidance

Following any sort of accident, you are likely in pain, hurt, and confused as to your legal rights and what steps to take next.  Consulting with an attorney is often not the first thing on an accident victim’s mind.  However, Florida accident victims must act quickly to protect their legal rights.  Victims and their families have only a limited time within which to file their personal injury or wrongful death action in order to secure compensation.  Furthermore, crucial investigations must be completed after the accident so as to improve your chances of a later recovery.  Accordingly, with your health, finances, and future on the line, do not delay in calling a dedicated personal injury to represent you.

The personal injury attorneys at Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. will immediately begin gathering evidence in support of your case, from investigating and photographing the scene to subpoenaing surveillance videos and crucial documents.  With our exemplary legal time, you will be put in the best position to mount a successful personal injury case.

Excellence of Legal Services, Available When You Need it Most

At Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A., we recognize that legal issues arise everyday of the week, at all hours of the day.  From the need for an emergency consultation while you are still in the hospital to last minute filings necessary to preserve your legal rights, we will always be available when you need us.  We return all client communications promptly and offer flexible office meeting times.  For new clients, we offer a free initial consultation during which you can obtain detailed analysis of your potential case and legal options.

Offering Service to the Greater Gainesville Area

Our Gainesville personal injury attorneys serve clients throughout the greater Gainesville area.  Our attorneys practice in state and federal courts across the region and can tackle any personal injury matter.

Convenient Office Location

Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. is conveniently located at 5200 SW 91st Ter. #101 in Gainesville, Florida.  Our office is easily accessible from I-75 and Archer Road.  For injured clients unable to travel into the office, we offer in-home or in-hospital consultations.

Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A.: Fighting for the Recovery of Accident Victims Across The Greater Gainesville Area

The Gainesville Personal Injury Attorneys at Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. have provided aggressive representation for victims of all manner of accidents and medical malpractice mishaps across the state.  Our veteran personal injury attorneys have the skills, knowledge, and resources to obtain your maximum recovery.  Do not battle the insurance company alone; let the attorneys at Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. expedite and simplify your recovery process.  We operate on a contingency fee basis and the first consultation is always free.   Call the seasoned personal injury attorneys at Warner, Sechrest, & Butts, P.A. today at (352) 373-5922 to schedule your free consultation.