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Whether you are an employee or an innocent bystander, you deserve to feel safe and confident that the buildings and construction sites around you are safely and properly designed and built. Architect negligence creates avoidable problems and can inflict severe harm on others.

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When professionals join together to work on an architectural project, each individual is expected to perform their duties well. When an architect fails to do everything in his/her power to ensure a safe environment, he/she is committing architect negligence.

If you are harmed because of negligence,
you may be entitled to specific rights and benefits.

Insufficient Supervision

Designing and constructing buildings require a lot of work and cooperation from many members. In most cases, workers should be given thorough supervision. Architects are expected to advise appropriately. This includes drawings and design plans. Architects are also expected to certify the number of materials used in a particular project and/or how materials are joined together. Insufficient supervision can cause preventable errors in measurements and execution, which can lead to going over budget and may inevitably cause a structure to fail. This can influence major safety and fire hazards.

Breach of Contracts

In order for several members of a team to work on an architectural project, each individual must agree to specific terms and conditions. Contracts are made to explain:

  • How a project will be completed;
  • The roles that involved parties will have;
  • How parties will be paid;
  • When parties will be paid;
  • The amount of funds that each member will be paid;
  • How unforeseen circumstances will be handled; and
  • The total timeframe that a given project requires.

Once a contract is signed, it becomes legally binding. If any aspect of the contract is violated, a breach of contract occurs. If architects fail to follow proper guidelines when an unforeseen circumstance occurs, or if they take a longer time to work on a project than indicated, a breach of contract occurs. This is a form of architectural negligence.

Failure To Warn

Often, architecture projects require large machinery and the usage of toxic chemicals. When these elements are around, it is crucial that visible, clear signs are placed throughout the premises to protect both workers and innocent neighbors. Warning signs alert people to the presence of danger, allowing them to adjust to their surroundings and prevent harm.

Unskilled Workers & Cheap Equipment

For architecture projects to be built properly, all of the parties involved (contractors, designers, construction workers, engineers, suppliers, etc.) are expected to be trained and able to execute the demanding duties properly. Underskilled workers should not be allowed to work on a construction project. Further, defective materials and cheap manufacturing equipment may contribute to failures in the long term. If unskilled workers and insufficient tools are used on an architectural project, it is considered negligent behavior.

Architect Negligence Attorneys In Gainesville, FL

Architect negligence can create fire hazards, toxic ventilation, and even cause unnecessary falls, slips, and damages to innocent people. If you or your family is harmed due to architect negligence, you lawfully deserve compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and even general pain and suffering.

Experienced construction litigation attorneys at Warner, Sechrest & Butts can help you with this process. Our attorneys have many years of architect negligence negotiation and litigation experience throughout Gainesville, FL. We will help you file a successful claim, advocate for you during tedious hearings, and get you the benefits that you deserve.

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