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As professionals, architects are expected to adhere to basic standards of professionalism. This means that there are specific steps that should be taken to ensure that buildings and/or construction projects are operated on carefully and efficiently. Not only does this help to establish sturdy buildings, but it prevents innocent people from being harmed. Construction attorneys at Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. can guide you through the necessary means to prevent and restore architectural errors.

Gainesville Construction Lawyers For Architectural Errors

Architecture involves the design and construction of various buildings and sites. As such, careful and proper planning before a project is worked on is necessary to prevent architectural errors from occurring. Below are the most common types of architectural errors. Experienced construction lawyers in Gainesville, FL can help you understand these types of architectural problems in order to prevent future legal and business complications from emerging.

Types Of Architectural Errors

Poor Design & Development

Architectural errors often stem from the failure to properly design and develop a construction project. It takes time to consider the varying needs and desires for a building, and it takes even more time to construct a plan to make a design come to life. It is important for architects to exercise feasible ideas and to be practical. This prevents unnecessary delays and design errors.

Poor Consideration Of Geography

Everyday location is unique. From varying weather conditions to different landscapes, each area has its own distinct natural qualities and culture, which can heavily influence a construction project. It is essential for architects to strongly consider the needs and characteristics of locations, as well as the problems that often occur within an area. If a region is known for heavy levels of humidity, for example, different types of materials should be utilized to install roofs that can withstand the conditions. This same type of roof may be considered inadequate for a region that has dry winds. Failure to consider the unique needs of regions can result in infrastructure failure and building collapse, which are dangerous and costly.

Poorly Crafted Contracts

Contracts are the most crucial aspects of construction projects. Many people, from engineers and designers to construction workers and electricians are required to work on a construction project. With so many participants, contributions and labor, each party must know what he/she is responsible for, how and when he/she will be compensated, and the expected timeframe for their duties and the overall completion of the project. Contracts are established to outline these details, allowing each individual to be fully aware of their expectations and duties. In other words, the contract keeps everyone on one accord. Without a proper contract, workers may produce inadequate or incorrect work, or complicated legal disputes may emerge as a result.

Architects looking to develop a design or construct a project should always rely upon a construction lawyer in Gainesville, FL. At Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A., our experienced construction lawyers can guide you through the proper techniques of understanding and drafting construction contracts.

Architectural Errors Are Hazardous

Architectural errors present harm to the participating parties and innocent bystanders. If the proper protocol and legal business aren’t handled before work on a construction project begins, long-term damage and failure can occur as a result. Thousands of dollars in lawsuits, complex construction claims, and even personal injuries and wrongful deaths can stem from architectural errors. To prevent such problems, you should contact an experienced Gainesville construction lawyer.

Benefits Of Construction Attorneys

Here’s what our attorneys at one of our Gainesville construction law firms can do for you:

  • Review your contract to check for discrepancies, appropriate clauses, and risk management solutions
  • Represent you through strong advocacy during negotiations and in court
  • Ensure that your design and construction plans align with basic standards of care and professionalism
  • Help your team understand their duties and expectations
  • Protect your assets
  • Assist with personal injury claims and wrongful death suits

At Warner, Sechrest & Butta, P.A., our experienced construction lawyers are well-versed in Florida construction law, the construction field and the intersecting fields of ethics and business. Unlike most legal representatives, our team actually understands what construction and architecture entail. Therefore, we are better able to identify with your needs, understand your unique position and govern your process accordingly. We pride ourselves in our firm’s strong record of success regarding the fields of construction law and business.

Gainesville Construction Lawyers

It does not matter what service you provide to a construction project or what level of management you may fall into in the leadership hierarchy, a Gainesville attorney at Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. can guide you through the process. We will help you prevent architectural errors from occurring. We will also help you to correct errors and restore your architectural company for future success.

Contact our Gainesville construction law firm today for guidance through the architectural error process.

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