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During certain times of the year, it is more common for people to want to get out with friends on a boat for recreational purposes. While most people are able to safely enjoy an evening out on the boat, accidents do happen, putting passengers and swimmers at risk. Here are the top causes of boating accidents and boat accident injuries.

Top Causes Of Boating Accidents

Inexperienced operators are one of the leading causes of boating accident injuries. Failure to pay attention to surroundings while the boat is operated is another common problem, which endangers both swimmers and passengers. Other issues include:

  • insufficient or nonexistent navigation lights
  • overcrowded or overloading the boat
  • hazardous weather and water conditions
  • defective parts and equipment
  • visibility issues such as restricted vision
  • boating while under the influence

Boating Safety

If the boat is for recreational use, some things can be done to improve overall safety for passengers. Avoid using alcohol and always wearing a life jacket are easy adjustments to make. Boat enthusiasts may also find it beneficial to seek approved boat education training. Taking precautions such as not overloading the boat and reviewing weather conditions is also recommended. Operating the boat at a safe speed while in motion and watching out for any potentially dangerous objects floating in the water can also prevent boating accidents.

What Do I Do After A Boating Accident?

Sometimes, accidents are unavoidable. When people become injured, they may find that they have to manage medical bills and other expenses. Lost wages due to doctor appointments as well as pain and suffering may be due to the accident victim. If a boat accident is caused due to negligence, the accident victim may have to explore other options to resolve their debt. If your insurance company, or the boat operator’s insurance company, refuses to pay for your medical bills, lost wages and pain, and suffering, you may want to consider filing a boating accident lawsuit and personal injury claim. Contact an experienced boating accident lawyer to discuss your options.

Negligence In Boating

If it is determined that a person has not exercised reasonable care leading up to the boating accident, that party may be considered negligent and responsible for medical bills. Boat operators and boat owners alike can be on the hook for their role in the accident. Defective equipment and part failure can make the manufacturer responsible. Consulting with a personal injury attorney may be helpful if negligence is a concern.

How Is Boating Negligence Determined?

If it is believed that another party owed you some duty of care, your claim of negligence can be successful by a personal injury attorney. The duty of care can be affected by what someone did, or didn’t do, that put the injured party at risk. If any injury exists, the cause of the injury can be tied directly to the behavior or actions of the other responsible party.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a boat accident, it’s always best to ask some simple questions. Consulting with a boating accident attorney as soon as possible can save you a considerable amount of time and medical costs down the line. Getting the help you need to make a full recovery is also possible in that it’s easier to get the care you need. A boating accident settlement may make your recovery easier as you will have the means to get the treatment you deserve.

Contact the personal injury lawyers at Warner, Sechrest & Butts if you have been injured while operating a boat, riding on a boat, or were involved in a collision with a boat.

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