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Written Contracts

When writing a contract, use a breach of contract attorney in Gainesville, FL. A written contract, for all practical purposes, is the law between two parties per their express agreement. There is no such thing as a “standard contract,” in the sense that the parties can adjust the terms as they see fit.

At a minimum, a contract should establish the material elements of an agreement such as identifying:

  • The legal parties to the contract
  • The scope of work
  • The time of performance
  • Payment amount
  • Payment due date
  • Change order procedure
  • Dispute resolution procedures

Additionally, state law requires certain types of construction contracts to have specific language included in the contract.

The construction and business contract attorneys at Warner Sechrest & Butts, P.A. can prepare, review, modify, or interpret contracts for your specific needs. The litigation attorneys at our firm have litigated hundreds of breach of contract lawsuits. Almost every construction dispute involves several “causes of action” with “breach of contract” being the most common.

Verbal Contracts

A common question asked by clients: “Is a verbal contract enforceable?” The answer is: Yes.

“Contract” is a legal term that signifies a meeting of the minds where two or more parties have agreed to do something in return for the other party doing something else. Typically, one party agrees to provide a product or perform a service in exchange for payment. When one party fails to hold up his/her end of the deal, we call it a “breach of contract.” 

A verbal contract is usually just as enforceable as a written contract. There are some exceptions, particularly regarding real estate contracts and agreements to pay the debt of another. There can also be more difficulty in cases involving verbal contracts because it is harder to establish what exactly the parties agreed to do. Often, the actions of the parties paint a picture of what each party expected the other side to do.

If you believe someone has breached a contract with you, even if the contract was not in writing, the contract dispute attorneys at Warner Sechrest & Butts, P.A. can evaluate your case.

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