Commercial Construction Contracts

Without a foundation, a house serves no purpose. Likewise, a commercial construction project cannot be effectively completed without a carefully written contract. Experienced construction law and litigation attorneys at Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. are here to help you use a construction contract to your advantage.

Importance Of Contracts In Commercial Construction Projects

Contracts are crucial to commercial construction projects because they govern how a project will be completed. These documents comprehensively outline the responsibilities of each participating party as well as specific steps that each party should take if an unforeseen circumstance prolongs and complicates the commercial construction project. A construction law attorney in Gainesville, FL, can help you understand the significance of contracts in commercial construction projects.

Commercial projects often involve the construction of large facilities, which in turn require teams of workers, a great deal of equipment and lengthy efforts, dedication and time of everyone involved. It is common for problems to arise with such complicated construction and deadlines, however, contracts present detailed solutions to these problems. A lack of contracts often leads to unnecessary and preventable lawsuits, the disintegration of employer-employee relationships, and even the failure of project completion. Hence, contracts simplify the process of creating, designing, building, and earning a profit for a commercial construction project.

Every Good Construction Contract Should Have These Qualities

While contracts are supposed to make life easier for everyone involved in a commercial construction project, many contracts sometimes fail to adhere to basic construction law standards. Below are factors that should always be provided in a construction contract. Each participating party (from designer to laborer) should fully understand and agree to the policies outlined in the legally binding contract.

Effective commercial construction contracts should include specific details on the following:

  • Protection from liability
  • Insurance (including access to workers’ compensation)
  • Scope, type, nature, and length of work for each party
  • Each party’s expected contribution
  • The time frame, type of method, frequency and amount of payment/compensation for each contributing party
  • Labor and material warranties
  • The proposed deadline for completion of the project, as well as how to handle project delays
  • Detailed conflict resolution steps to take if a problem, delay or issue arises
  • Detailed information on expectations of participating parties if an unforeseen circumstance threatens the completion of the project (such as undesirable weather conditions)

Before entering into a commercial construction project, it is crucial that you contact an experienced construction law attorney. To avoid common construction issues, have any contract reviewed, analyzed and evaluated before agreeing to the conditions via a binding signature.

Common Construction Issues

Unfortunately, issues may still arise with or without a construction contract. The field of construction involves the contributions, experiences, and skills of a myriad of people from numerous professions. Engineers, electricians, designers, laborers, suppliers, sponsors, corporations, contractors, and even artists may be involved in a construction project. With so many varying opinions and contributors, it is natural for problems to arrive with or without governing documents. However, there are common construction issues that everyone should be aware of.

Construction Defects

Whether it is a leak, wood floor problems, fire-stopping inefficiencies, fire hazards, ventilation problems, plumbing issues, or general lack of structural integrity, defects are the most common issues involved in construction projects. These obstacles present danger to employees and innocent bystanders, as well as future occupants of the building. Construction defects can be a result of numerous factors. Sometimes it is the failure of an employee in a factory of a manufacturing company that produces out a broken tool or component. Lawsuits may be pursued against first, second and even third parties. In any case, it is best to contact a construction defect attorney.

Contract Discrepancies

Contracts should be written and presented in a manner that is clear, concise, professional and inclusive. When a contract fails to address all of the components and contributors to a project, or if it does not provide detailed resolution and restorative plans, it can create an array of problems.

Other common construction issues may include delays, unforeseen increases in expenses, well-intended mistakes, and incorrect orders.

Construction Law Firm In Gainesville, FL

At Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A., our construction law and litigation attorneys in Gainesville, FL, are familiar with the construction field. We understand how to negotiate with varying corporations to aggressively advocate for our clients. To learn more about the significance of commercial construction contracts, rely on the experience and expertise of our construction law firm.

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