Complex Construction Claims

Complex Construction Disputes & Litigation

When it comes to large construction projects, there is always a lot of work to do and generally quite a few stakeholders. From designers to manufacturers, and from construction workers to engineers, it takes a village to successfully complete a construction project. When disputes surrounding a construction project arise, it is not uncommon for minor issues to transform into complex construction claims. In such cases, construction law attorneys at Warner, Sechrest & Butts can help you understand construction law and meet a beneficial outcome and solution.

What Constitutes A Complex Construction Claim?

Generally, complex construction claims are construction claims that are accompanied by multiple problems from multiple directions. Many law firms have classified a complex construction claim as having any of the following:

  • 20 or more parties involved
  • Millions of dollars, or more, of claims
  • Complicated legal issues
  • Discrepancies in construction contracts
  • Conflicting opinions and perspectives of the parties involved

Ultimately, complex construction claims revolve around the issues of numerous people, making it difficult to achieve a favorable outcome for anyone, because doing so may significantly negate another stakeholder’s claim. Often, complex construction claims are the result of errors that occurred before the construction project began.

For example, the construction contract may be unclear or may not have been as specific and detailed as it should have been. It may not have outlined the expected timespan of the construction project; the terms, conditions and responsibilities of each party/stakeholder involved; the exact qualitative and quantitative rewards, funds and compensation that each party would receive; how to amend the contract if troubles present themselves; or how to react when unforeseen circumstances (such as poor weather conditions) disrupt the construction process. Such information is crucial to construction contracts because these documents govern how the process will work and how the stakeholders will perform and benefit. When a contract is not clear, or if the parties involved are not familiar with the policies, then complex problems are bound to erupt. It is best to contact construction lawyers to understand your rights and entitlements in complex construction claims.

Options For Parties Involved In Complex Construction Claims

Three main options are available to parties involved in complex construction claims, depending on the unique circumstance of the construction project.


Arbitration is usually an expedited process and less expensive than litigation. Typically, a panel of construction law experts is composed to review and assess the issues at hand. This panel then decides the best outcome and solution for the parties involved.


Litigation refers to a lawsuit. If parties decide to take their cases to court, the process can become tedious, lengthy and even messy. Strong litigation/legal representation, compelling evidence, factual information, testimonial support, and expert justification are often necessary to support complex construction claims during court.


Mediation is a favorable way to gain long-term benefits during complex construction claims. Mediation techniques allow parties to present and to discuss their issues. Under the guidance of a legal facilitator, they are typically able to resolve their issues and move forward with a feasible plan among the parties involved. Mediation is preferable because it helps to improve and rebuild relationships among varying construction experts. Such consideration makes it easier for the parties to work together again on future construction projects without lasting ills for each other.

If you are involved in a complex construction claim and you are uncertain of which route you should take, you should contact an experienced Gainesville attorney that is well-versed in construction law and litigation.

Construction Law Attorneys In Gainesville, FL

At Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A., our aggressive construction law attorneys are prepared to represent you through both simple and complex claims. If you are a stakeholder for a construction project and you are concerned that you will not be compensated for your work and time, or if you fear that the contract does not protect you, contact our construction litigation law firm today.

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