Concrete & Slab Defects

Concrete is a commonly utilized construction tool. From foundations to sidewalks, concrete serves a variety of purposes within the construction field and provides numerous benefits to the public. As such, it is crucial that concrete and slabs are applied appropriately and correctly. Defects in concrete are problematic for structural integrity and everyday citizens. If you suspect a concrete defect in your area, an expert construction lawyer at Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. can help.

Concrete Defects Are Common

Defects in concrete are almost inevitable. Inclement weather conditions are common throughout Florida. Heavy winds and rain may result in erosion and stress on concrete. And in areas where it gets cold, constant freezing and thawing techniques result in concrete deterioration. There is no way to stop nature from doing its job, but there is a way for laborers to ensure that concrete and concrete slabs are as durable and effective as possible.

Standards of Care

Construction workers (and all parties involved in construction projects) are expected to act with a high standard of care and concern. They are expected to be thorough and reliable in their tasks. Because concrete is vulnerable by nature, construction workers are expected to:

  • Purchase updated and quality materials
  • Be well trained and well-versed in construction
  • Apply concrete and concrete slabs in a timely and proper manner
  • Add appropriate amounts of liquid and other necessary materials
  • Communicate with other team members/workers and adhere to the constriction blueprint
  • Double check and evaluate their work upon completion
  • Take any necessary precaution measures

By doing this, construction workers ensure that avoidable damages do not occur. Poor workmanship results in a greater likelihood of concrete defects. Gainesville construction attorneys are necessary in these types of cases.

Types Of Concrete Defects

There are several different types of concrete defects and not all of them are immediately visible. The following are the most common:

  • Surface cracking
  • Surface disintegration
  • Blistering
  • Curling
  • Bugholes
  • Scaling
  • Shrinkage
  • Discoloration
  • Development of voids

Because concrete issues are not always noticeable, it is best to contact Gainesville construction lawyers.

Issues Caused By Concrete/Slab Defects

Concrete and concrete slabs serve many purposes. In residential home construction, concrete is often what holds a home together. It is the foundation. As such, defects in concrete can lead to a spiral of negative events. It may lead to the physical destabilization of a home. This may result in torn structures. Further, concrete defects are often unsightly. They leave unpleasant textures and marks. Cracks within concrete slabs may lead to an infestation of bugs and other animals. When it rains, moisture may seep deeply into the walls of a home resulting in mold, mildew and unpleasant odors. Concrete defects may also cause installation issues.

Concrete that is applied on sidewalks and other public areas may contribute to severe bodily injuries and falls. It is best to contact a construction attorney in Gainesville, FL to gain a greater sense of understanding of concrete and slab issues, and how such defects may create problems for multiple people.

Construction Attorneys In Gainesville, FL

As soon as you suspect that there is a concrete or slab defect in your area or residential home, you need to contact a construction law firm in Gainesville, FL. At Warner, Sechrest & Butts, our attorneys have experience in both construction law and the construction field as a whole. We are familiar with concrete and slab defects and will work to ensure that you are compensated for any avoidable damages caused by poor workmanship. Surely, concrete may develop issues from natural occurrences; but construction workers play a significant role in ensuring that a concrete or slab lasts.

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