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When taking on a project, the last thing that you want to encounter is a dispute with your contractor. And hiring the top contractor in Florida may not always save you from a potential dispute. Errors in the contract, self-inflicted issues, or unexpected situations can contribute to a contractor conflict. These things just happen.

Gainesville, FL Attorneys Tackle Contractor Disputes

The most common forms of disputes result from an inadequate performance of work or failing to complete a project within the designated timeframe. Contracts are supposed to be specific and detailed to avoid misunderstandings and to set expectations. Among many things, they should indicate the scope of work, the goal, how payment will be disbursed, and the allotted timeframe. If a project is not completed within the designated timeframe, or if defective materials result in poor work quality, a breach of contract may ensue.

Contracts written hastily by someone without legal acumen may be vague, making it difficult to comprehend what is required, expected, and owed to the participating parties. When parties involved do not receive the benefits that they thought they were entitled to, or they fail to perform an activity that may be vaguely accounted for in the contract, disputes can arise.

Measures To Avoid Contractor Conflicts In Florida

Contractor disputes can be tedious, frustrating, and lengthy. While some are unavoidable, other disputes are often self-inflicted. By following a few simple steps, you can prevent the possibility of a large-scale disagreement with your contractor.

Ensure that your contract is fully developed before signing. A good contract is well-written and specific. It should be clear enough that every party involved is familiar with their expectations, roles, responsibilities, and financial stake and share. It should specify how the project and each participant will be affected if an unforeseen circumstance occurs (i.e. a weather storm, natural disaster, oil spill, etc.). It should also include a specific, step-by-step strategy of how potential disputes will be resolved. If a contract accounts for future disputes and the resolution of those disputes, it is much easier to solve disputes when they arise. The contract is like a blueprint — it should guide everyone involved in the project. Before signing a contract, you should check that it is fully developed. It is not worth the risk.

Understand what you are signing. After checking for the inclusion of all necessary parts, make sure that you understand what you are signing. You may require the assistance of a construction attorney in Florida for an in-depth explanation of legal jargon and percentages. Your contract should be unambiguous. When you sign a contract with your contractor, you are legally bound to the terms and conditions of such contract. This means that you can be sued, terminated from the project, or fined if you do not adhere to its procedures.

Follow the contract. You are legally obligated to the terms and conditions of a document after providing your signature. Follow the rules.

Record changes. Even the best contracts cannot always account for every unforeseen circumstance. Contractors are not always able to make sound predictions. If something changes during the course of the project development (that is not addressed in the contract), be sure to record and document those changes as they come up.

Remember that all contracts are negotiable before you sign it. Have a construction law attorney look over your contract to ensure that it is in your best interest to sign. If it isn’t, request adjustments and changes to the document. The Gainesville attorneys of Warner, Sechrest & Butts are experienced in construction law and mediation, meaning we can help negotiate contract changes on your behalf so that the agreement aligns with your best interest.

Gainesville, FL Construction Law Attorneys

Some contractor disputes can be solved through effective mediation or meetings with the parties involved. Negotiation, compromises, and lengthy discussion can solve the problem since many disputes occur as a result of miscommunication.

Other disputes, however, can become nasty and intense. They can be dragged out for months, even years. Throughout the process, you may risk losing your investment or your share of the production. This is when you need a Gainesville lawyer to intervene. At Warner Sechrest & Butts, we have experienced construction law attorneys. Attorney Robert Butts is Board Certified in construction law in Florida. Contact us today for assistance with your contractor dispute. We are happy to provide resolutions.

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