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We live in a society driven by products that are meant to serve our needs and make life easier by simplifying daily tasks, providing transportation and even keeping us healthy. With the millions of products available from manufacturers, designers, distributors and even vendors, the possibility of a flaw or defect is very real. Consumers who have been injured should consult a Gainesville product liability lawyer to determine whether a defective product could be the cause of their injuries.

Gainesville Defective Product Lawyer

At Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A., we are dedicated to investigating the cause of injury for each of our clients to ensure that we can provide the best counsel possible, which includes determining whether you qualify for compensation through a product liability claim.

3 Ways A Product Could Be Defective

The majority of products we encounter on a daily basis are not instantly created. They were designed by a team of innovators, manufactured by a company, and sold by a vendor. At each step, many products are subject to industry standards and governing agencies, but sometimes that isn’t enough to guarantee the safety of consumers. Design defects, manufacturing defects, and marketing defects are all causes of personal injury that fall under product liability.

Marketing Defects

A marketing defect is also referred to as a “failure to warn” as it generally implies consumers were not given a satisfactory or sufficient warning of the potential risks or dangers a product may impose. A marketing defect may be found despite whether the consumer was using the product correctly or incorrectly if the use should have been foreseen by the designer, manufacturer or seller.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects often occur when a product performs in such a way that differs from the outcome intended by the designers. This type of defect includes:

  • faulty components,
  • improper manufacturing methods,
  • using inferior materials,
  • lax quality control,
  • irregular maintenance of equipment,
  • or failure to follow standard safety procedures

Design Defects

A design defect goes back to the product’s origin. Designers can be held accountable for design defects if:

  • the designers could have anticipated a product’s features becoming dangerous;
  • those defective features were noticeable prior to the manufacturing stage; or
  • there was an alternate way to produce the item without changing the product’s intended purpose.

Filing A Defective Product Claim

Filing a personal injury claim due to a defective product is unique to each client’s situation, including injuries, death and type of product. Our defective product lawyers can determine whether a designer, manufacturer, distributor or seller could be held accountable for your injuries.

If you’ve been injured, seek representation right away. You may not be aware that your injuries could be the result of faulty, defective products. In order to protect your rights, our Gainesville attorneys can investigate your injuries and help determine whether a personal injury claim is right for you. We have encountered clients who did not want to pursue a claim for personal reasons, but when it comes to a defective product, there are millions of other consumers who may be at risk. That is why it’s important to show that a product can cause injury and death — and sometimes push for a product recall.

The most common defective products we see are:

However, any product can become defective.

Why Should I Hire A Defective Product Lawyer?

There are two reasons why you should hire legal representation if you’ve been injured due to a product defect.

  1. Some people are unaware that a product is the reason for their injury. If a product has caused you to become injured, then you deserve compensation to offset your medical bills, time off of work, and pain and suffering.
  2. If you choose to pursue a product liability claim without representation, prepare to be attacked by the defendant’s lawyers. Only a qualified Gainesville attorney can pursue your claim with the highest possibility for success.

The attorneys of Warner, Sechrest & Butts will fight for your right to compensation and won’t back down against aggressive lawyers who want to shield their client’s profits from taking a hit. Don’t go it alone — choose a defective product & personal injury lawyer who can help you obtain compensation through a verdict or settlement of your personal injury claim.

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