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The law requires fair pay and equal treatment in the workplace for all employees. The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) is intended to protect workers from substandard wages and oppressive working hours and conditions. The FLSA mandates, among other things, that employers pay their employees certain minimum wages as well as time-and-one-half of the employee’s regular rate of pay for every hour worked over forty (40) in a workweek. Far too often employers are unaware of their legal obligations or are simply unwilling to comply with the law, and fail to provide their employees with “a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.”

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Florida Overtime Lawyer Michael Sechrest is an experienced Florida attorney who is dedicated to representing workers whose employers fail to pay them unpaid wages and overtime pay as required under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). He is board certified as a civil trial expert by the Florida Bar.

Does your employer owe you wages or overtime? Many employers simply fail to pay their employees overtime. Other employers fail to allow employees to work on the clock at certain times. This is often because they find it cheaper to ignore the overtime and wage laws or they hope their employees don’t discover the fact that they are entitled to overtime. Other times, the employer is not aware of or does not understand the Florida and Federal overtime laws. Regardless of the reason for an employer’s failure to pay overtime, you need an experienced Florida Employment Lawyer to help you right this wrong.

We can help you recover unpaid wages and salaries. Our overtime employment lawyers specialize in wage and hour law and can help you recover your unpaid overtime, minimum wages, salaries, and improper tip pooling or tip withholding.

Unfortunately, it is also common for employers to purposefully mischaracterize employees as exempt from overtime pay by making them salaried employees or characterizing them as managerial employees when they are not truly managers. If you have questions about your eligibility for overtime pay, we invite you to contact our office for a consultation and analyze whether you qualify for a contingency case.

Employment Law Cases

Our firm handles the following types of wage claims:

  • Failure to pay minimum wage
  • Unpaid salary
  • Underpaid overtime
  • Mischaracterizing employees as exempt
  • Unpaid Wages
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Failure to pay overtime
  • Exemptions from overtime

Call us at Warner, Sechrest and Butts, PA to speak to a Gainesville employment lawyer or a board-certified trial attorney who can help you with your Florida overtime case or wage case. What’s your case worth?

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