Engineer Negligence

We place a lot of trust in our engineers. They are a major contribution to the residential and commercial industries, making our lives more convenient with improvements in technology and basic structures. With such great service comes great responsibility. Engineers are expected to adhere to state and federal protocol to design and build structures and machinery that are durable and safe to the public. When engineers fail to do this, it results in engineer negligence.

Engineer Negligence Attorneys In Gainesville, FL

Engineers, like all professionals, are expected to follow professional standards of care. Their actions and work do not just impact buildings and machines. They also affect people who are nearby and come into contact with these buildings and machinery. In order to stay updated on the newest engineering practices and techniques, engineers are expected to attend seminars, conduct research and continue to seek knowledge within their field. When structures and machinery fail, serious harm can come to employees and innocent bystanders alike. When engineer negligence harms your loved ones, experienced construction litigation attorneys can assist you.

Structural Defects

When buildings and machinery are not designed and built properly, it can result in structural defects. Defective materials that do not function well create frustration among users and cause serious safety hazards. Holes, punctures, poor responses, and even structural collapses can occur. Parts and/or screws may break causing a structure to inevitably fail.

Many times, structural defects are a consequence of design defects. Poorly constructed designs and blueprints can be deadly.

Oversight Error

All engineering projects require supervision and oversight. There is always someone that is responsible for double-checking everything and verifying that supplies, measurements, and behavior are exact, precise and accurate. Failure to properly supervise can be extremely costly. A minor error can destroy an entire project. It is the supervisor’s job to ensure that each engineer performs his/her role properly. Further, the supervisor should verify the skills and qualifications of each engineer to ensure that all individuals working on an engineering project are well-equipped and knowledgeable. Oversight is a crucial component to the success of engineering projects. An oversight error of any sort is considered engineer negligence.

Contract Violation

Contracts are extremely necessary for minor and major engineering projects. This important document guides a project, providing information on the timeframe, structure, supplies, and people involved in a project. These legally binding agreements inform all individuals of their responsibilities and tasks. They may also include detailed information on how expenses and pay will be distributed and how unforeseen circumstances will impact a project.

When an engineering project fails to meet the requirements given in the contract (i.e. prolonged time, delays, usage of unidentified materials), it is considered engineer negligence.

Florida Engineer Negligence Lawyers

Engineer negligence is not to be taken lightly. These errors can cause employees and innocent people to be seriously harmed. They may be exposed to harmful chemicals, be crushed by a falling object, or fall through a crack. What makes engineer negligence so horrible is that it is usually completely avoidable.

If you have been harmed due to engineer negligence in Gainesville, FL, rely on experienced construction litigation attorneys at Warner, Sechrest & Butts to help you receive compensation and restore your life. You do not deserve to be harmed because of an engineer’s inability to follow professional standards of care.

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