Homeowner Association Lawyers

Homeowner associations often regulate neighborhoods and dictate how residential property should be cared for. If you own or rent a home that is governed by an association, you may feel as though you are at the association’s mercy. However, you do have rights, and we can help protect your rights as a renter or owner.

Condo & Homeowner Association Dispute Attorneys In Gainesville, FL

When a person has a dispute over the rights and duties of associations and their members, he or she should contact a business law and real estate attorney in Gainesville, FL who is experienced in these types of disputes. There are few things more important than one’s home. Chapters 718 and 720 of the Florida Statutes govern condominium and homeowner associations respectively. The covenants, by-laws, rules, and restrictions of the association also affect the rights and duties of an association and its members. The attorneys of Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. represent association and owners/members in various types of disputes related to the association. We also have other attorneys that are available to serve as a neutral mediator of disputes between an association and a member or members.

Association Document Drafting

The real estate attorneys at Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A., in Gainesville, are experienced in drafting original association documents as well as modifications to existing documents including contracts, leases, and other association documents.

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