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When an employee is hired within your company, you want to ensure that he/she will be trustworthy and loyal. Non-compete contracts can help you protect the integrity of your company from outside competitors.

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Non-compete contracts are agreements between employees and employers. Becoming more and more common, these contracts forbid employees from participating in certain business activities that may compromise the integrity of the company at which an employee is currently employed. In most cases, it involves the prohibition of sharing industry secrets, such as the way the business operates and new inventions and innovations.

Non-Compete Disputes

Unfortunately, non-compete disputes are not always easy to implement. While these contracts are legally binding, it is difficult to control what an employee says or does. For example, if an employee becomes angry with the company and decides to work for the company’s competitor, there is not always a concrete way of knowing if the employee shared protected information with the new company. Businesses do not have the right to curtail freedom of speech and they also do not have the power (or means) to verify what people say. This can make non-compete contracts difficult to enforce, resulting in non-compete disputes.

Before signing a non-compete contract with your employer, or allowing others to sign your non-compete contract, you should contact an experienced Florida business law attorney.

Contract Misunderstandings

The most common forms of contract disputes derive from misunderstandings between employers and employees. Contracts can be very technical, using complex legal jargon and large numerical percentages and figures. If an employee fails to fully comprehend his/her duties and privileges with a company, he/she may unknowingly breach a contract. A business lawyer can intervene, assisting all parties so that they know what is expected of each of them. Then, employers (and employees) can make wise decisions.

Breach Of Security

Another popular form of non-compete disputes occurs in the event of a breach of security. In highly competitive fields such as technology and sales, businesses come up with new innovations and plans daily. Employees are expected to keep such new policies and inventions in secret to prevent competing businesses from copying a product or making products that are better. There is a measure of silence and loyalty that is expected from employees. However, without an experienced business attorney, it can be extremely difficult to prevent breaches of security within a company.

Non-Compete Dispute Attorneys In Gainesville, FL

In Florida, non-compete clauses in employment contracts can be very difficult to enforce; therefore, using a non-compete dispute attorney in Gainesville, FL, could be very helpful. Great care should be taken before entering a non-compete clause to be sure both parties know what they are agreeing to and whether or not it is likely to be enforceable. When employment is terminated, circumstances may have changed to an extent that the clause should not be enforceable, even if it would have been at the time it was drafted. Every non-compete situation must be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

The attorneys at Warner Sechrest & Butts, P.A. have experience drafting and litigating non-compete clause disputes.

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