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Consider the thought of walking on the sidewalk with your loved ones and tripping over debris from a nearby construction site. Imagine inhaling a toxic chemical that damages your respiratory system or being crushed by a large object that falls from a great height. What would happen if you stepped into an unnoticeable, large hole in the ground?

These events may result in serious brain and spinal cord injury, organ damage, and even death. All of these circumstances may sound frightening and seem unlikely to occur, but they actually do happen.

Construction & Professional Negligence Lawyers

Construction negligence is becoming more and more prevalent within the United States. You and your family should not have to suffer because of professional negligence in the construction field. To protect yourself from avoidable injuries, or to ensure that you receive favorable compensation, you should rely on an experienced construction litigation lawyer.

Professional Negligence In The Construction Field

Professional negligence in the construction field occurs when work on a project fails to meet a reasonable standard of care or meet safety protocols and procedures. As a result, employees and innocent bystanders may be injured. This is considered professional negligence. Common forms of professional negligence in the construction field include:

  • Defective materials & products (low-quality materials; materials that do not function properly)
  • Poor workmanship (laziness; poor quality control; not performing tasks properly)
  • Unattended tools (leaving tools, machinery and other equipment on walkways)
  • Untrained workers (workers who do not have construction licenses or certifications)
  • Deviating from initial plans (sudden changes in a construction project; failure to adhere to blueprint)
  • Improperly marked barriers (i.e. failure to indicate a wet/slippery or hazardous area)
  • Breach of contracts (not working from the established budget; project takes longer than specified)

Failure To Address Unforeseen Circumstances Is Negligence

In the state of Florida, it’s easy for construction negligence to occur. Specifically, Gainesville, FL, is known for its unstable weather conditions. The sun may be present and the skies may be clear, but just five minutes away, there may be an outpour of rain and thunderstorms. These types of weather conditions make it difficult for construction projects to be completed safely and properly. To illustrate, roofing projects require dry air. If roofing shingles and other materials become soaked during construction, they may become weak, brittle and damaged. They can harden and attract mold, making the roof more susceptible to leakages, punctures, holes, nearby pests, and can even present fire hazards. As a result, there are state regulations that construction professionals are mandated to follow to protect the safety of everyone.

Properly drafted construction contracts should consider the unique conditions of each project’s area and directly address them. Through this process, unforeseen events can be carefully planned for and prevented. When construction professionals fail to consider obstacles, a project may not be completed properly, or an employee or bystander may be seriously harmed.

Construction Attorneys In Gainesville, FL

If you or your loved one has experienced an injury due to professional negligence at a nearby construction site, you are entitled to certain rights and benefits. You may be able to receive compensation to meet your medical and monetary needs. But you cannot achieve this alone.

Experienced attorneys at Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. understand the intricate field of construction. We have the knowledge, networks, and resources to perform thorough investigations of construction sites, review and analyze contracts, detect discrepancies and malignant conduct, and advocate for you successfully.

Whether you are an employee or an innocent bystander, construction litigation attorneys in Gainesville, FL, are prepared to assist you. You don’t have to be a victim. We’re prepared to help you become victorious. Contact us today.

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