Real Estate Closing Attorneys

When buying or selling a business contact a real estate closing attorney who can guide you through the experience. The legal process of buying and selling a business can be complex and involves the purchase or sale of the stock or assets of a company. The transfer can be structured as an acquisition or as a merger.

  • Acquisitions may be asset purchases or stock purchases where the buyer purchases the business as a stock and takes over the ongoing concern of the business, as opposed to just buying the merchandise and equipment.
  • A merger can share many characteristics of an asset purchase and a stock purchase, but at the completion of the transaction, the two businesses are combined as one.

Florida Real Estate Lawyers

Our real estate attorneys can provide you with the advice and documents necessary to complete such transfers, as well as to conduct any real estate closings associated with the business transfers.

The closing department at Warner, Sechrest & Butts handles both residential and commercial real estate closings. Our attorneys are members of the Attorney’s Title Insurance Fund and will work with realtors and attorneys to provide property closings with the least possible hassle or delay. Contact our real estate law firm today.

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