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A variety of accidents and situations can bring about a personal injury claim. Depending on the type and degree of an injury, it can make a difference in whether you decide to file a claim or not. If you do, having the help of an experienced and skilled St. Petersburg personal injury attorney with Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. can make all the difference. Our attorneys bring years of experience handling all types of personal injury claims and vigorously defend their clients’ best interest from beginning to end. The personal injury claims process is often more complex and lengthy than you had expected. Here are five ways a personal injury attorney can make your case as strong as possible.

Assess Strength Of A Claim

Personal injury claims are made every day. A personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg, FL can quickly but completely assess a claim as to whether there are further options available to you. If there are, the attorney can provide legal guidance regarding what next steps there are.

Provide Recommendations For Medical Needs

The type and severity of an injury suffered in a personal injury accident varies depending on many factors. An experienced attorney has seen an injury similar to yours before. They may have a recommendation for medical procedures and/or tests to provide more information or assist with treatment.

It’s important to understand the long-term impact of your injury when considering a settlement offer. A St. Petersburg attorney with Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. can help provide guidance on what long-term expenses, including medical care, you may have. This will affect what an appropriate settlement offer would be.

Gather Necessary Evidence Of Damages & Liability

If you were able or remembered to take photos of the accident scene, obtained copies of the police report, and have medical records in hand, that’s great! But don’t expect the attorney to rely on what you can provide them. A skilled personal injury attorney will gather extra copies of reports and records and interview investigating officers and witnesses. At Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A., our attorneys are skilled in gathering and researching all evidence related to a personal injury claim to build the strongest case possible for our clients.

Effective Negotiation Skills

The majority of personal injury claims reach a settlement with the other party, often an insurance company, before ever reaching the courtroom. A St. Petersburg personal injury attorney with Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. is experienced in the tactics insurance companies often use during settlement negotiations. Without the assistance of an attorney, many people don’t understand these tactics and accept a settlement amount far less than the full amount they could receive.

Understanding Of The Legal System

The legal system is complex. You might think your personal injury claim is straightforward, an attorney can offer guidance for filling out forms and paperwork, how to properly submit files so they’re acceptable for the claim, and so on. A 1999 study by the Insurance Research Council found a received settlement in a personal injury case was, on average, 3.5 times larger with legal representation than handling the case yourself. A St. Petersburg attorney understands legal procedures and makes sure your case is competently represented whether during settlement negotiations or at trial.

Personal Injury Attorney in St. Petersburg, FL

Dealing with a personal injury following an accident can feel overwhelming without worrying about filing deadlines and other tasks related to a personal injury claim. Contacting a personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg, FL many times will provide you with the reassurance and peace-of-mind you desire. At Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A., our team of skilled attorneys understand the rollercoaster of emotions that many times come with the situation. We guide you through the claims process with compassion and grace while always keeping your best interest in the forefront. Contact our firm today.

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