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Businesses have the right to enjoy the benefits of a business relationship or specific contractual relationship without intentional and/or wrongful interference from an outside person or business. Competition is a driving force in the business world, and most of the time, competition benefits everyone. There are limits to the means and methods that can be used when it comes to interfering with specific contractual relationships.

When a person is concerned about a business relationship, he/she should contact an experienced tortious interference attorney.

Business Lawyers Experienced In Tortious Interference Cases

Tortious interference with a contract or business relationship involves intentional and willful manipulation. The goal in tortious interferences is to cause other parties to breach their contracts. This practice is unfortunately common and difficult to identify. With the assistance of an experienced tort attorney, you can rest assured that your case will be handled effectively.

It can be difficult to prove that tortious interferences exist in a contract or business relationship. Contracts are breached at countless rates. However, not all contracts are breached purposefully. Tortious interference requires businesses to purposely manipulate a contract or other external condition in order to sabotage an outcome or wreak havoc.

When examining whether a tortious interference with a contract or business relationship exists, most courts search for the following:

  • The relationship between two or more parties (i.e. if two businesses are major competitors within the same market, it may reveal significant information and motive)
  • The intent and/or motives of the parties (i.e. why the contract exists in the first place; what each party is seeking)
  • Intentional interference (signs of willful manipulation)

Tortious Interference: Drastic Effects

Tortious interference with contracts and business relationships can have drastic effects on the parties involved and the market as a whole. Breaches of contracts are serious. Forcing a breach of contract is considered even more serious and foul in a court of law. Businesses may experience:

  • Economic decline
  • Lost of customers
  • Inadequate amounts of goods, products, and services
  • Unhappy employees
  • Decrease in market shares
  • Poor reputation
  • Bad business networking overall

Rely On Business & Contract Litigation Attorneys

Competition among businesses is keen. It often serves as a motivating force to encourage businesses to perform better and earn greater profits. However, competition is often accompanied by bitterness, greed, and jealousy. Such feelings can filtrate into executive decisions and actions, resulting in unfortunate events such as tortious interferences.

No matter how embarrassing or damaging a tortious interference in a contract or business relationship is to you, it is imperative that you rely on an experienced business and contract litigation lawyer to assist you. Lawyers are trained to investigate, read through legal jargon and complex, technical writing in contracts, understand large figures, and negotiate and advocate on your behalf.

Gainesville Tort Attorneys

The Florida business law attorneys at Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A. have experience handling claims of tortious interference with a business or contractual relationship. If an individual has intentionally interfered with a business or contractual relationship that has harmed your business, call our law firm in Gainesville, FL, to set up a consultation to discuss your case.

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