Writing Down The Details After An Accident Or Injury

One of the smartest decisions to make after an injury is to write down every detail regarding the accident and the effect it has on your daily routine. Months later, these notes can be important when it comes time for final demands for compensation. Notes about the details of what happened and what you went through are more reliable than depending only on your memory. Make sure to write down anything that could possibly affect your claims and keep the information in a location that’s easy to remember during the entire legal process. Here is a list of some more specific things you may want to take notes about.

The Accident

As soon as you can, write down everything about the accident that you can, including the time, location, weather, what you were doing, who was there, and anything else you feel is important. Pay close attention to details, including everything you saw, felt, heard, or did before, during, and after the accident. Also, write down any statements made by witnesses at the scene of the accident.


Make notes in the days after the accident about any discomfort or pain as a result of your injuries. This should include problems which are not immediately visible, including sleeping problems, anxiety, and general discomfort. If you fail to take notes of these issues, you may not be able to obtain additional compensation months later. Writing down this information may also help a doctor because many seemingly insignificant injuries can develop into severe pain or disabilities weeks or months following the accident. Further, informing the doctor about these injuries will provide evidence in the medical records that the injuries were a result of the accident.

Financial, Economic & Other Losses

Having good documentation is important when being compensated for economic, financial, social, or educational losses on top of physical pain and suffering. Taking notes about work hours, job opportunities, classes, events, vacations, or anything else which you were unable to enjoy because of the accident may help you obtain just compensation in the long run.


Take notes with the date, time, names, and content of any conversation you have regarding the accident. This includes witnesses, insurance representatives, police, and medical professionals. Take notes of any in-person, email, or telephone conversations relevant to the case.

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